Slide1 Solar Energy Sun is, a treasure, an inexhaustible and sustainable
source of energy.
Slide2 Green Power Nature provides Energy, we provide Greenergy Slide3 For our Future Simply by switching to renewable energy sources
you can take yourself and your loved ones closer
to greener future.
dealt with more than 2.89 GW PV Utility Monitoring, Diagnosing, Solving Yield Problems, PR & GED Testing, Site visits, Technical Due Diligence and Customized Studies

A Solar PV Technical Consultancy & Engineering Co. centered on
PV Utility Power Plants, Self-Consumption and PV Software Development

Technical Advisory for Utility Power Plant (UPP)

Our technical services are specialized in performance monitoring, analysis and diagnosis, as well as PR and GED testing of UPP. Remote monitoring...

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Solar PV Self-consumption

Technical-Economic Feasibility Studies with and without Storage, Engineering and Project Execution

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Photovoltaic Software Development

Development and implementation of photovoltaic software for: Sizing and technical-economic sensitivity studies.

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